Namaste & Welcome for Nepal Trekking, Peak Climbing, Expedition


Namaste !! With warm greetings from the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. Let us introduce you to our company Nepal Trekking Pass Pvt. Ltd..
Having more than decade working experience in the Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet , India and Bhutan.  We are proud to offer wide range of service on best adventure and leisure holidays in the Himalayas.

We are registered with all the government associates such as Ministry of Tourism, Nepal Central Bank, Company register’s office and Tax office. We are an active member of Trekking agents association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA).

The company is run by a group of highly experienced, innovative, dynamic and professional people. Together they make a significant contribution to Nepal’s tourism industry by delivering a service that extends beyond normal standards.
With fully equipped the company is a well established organization with many year of experience to organize tour, trekking, expedition in Nepal. Tibet, Bhutan, India and Sikkim. We are providing a professional, friendly service, with a team of highly trained and experienced staff members.That offer absolute benefit to explore wonder of nature and fulfilling experience to achieve your lifelong ambition.

Our Mission

Nepal Trekking Pass Pvt. Ltd. stated mission is to provide unique travel services that lead travellers to the core of Nepal’s philosophy, unique culture and history. With our customized itineraries and travel routes we aim to give travellers a unique experience and flavour of Nepal, its heritage and its affluence of wisdom.

Our Vision

Building Memories Through Travel

“- Travel is not about airplanes, car rentals, hotels etc. Travel is all about the memories you bring back with you. Experiencing new destinations, visiting family, meeting new people and getting back together with existing friends is what travel is all about.

Our Passion

We love what we do and challenge ourselves every day, searching for the best travel value available for you and your family.

Our Core Values…

Nepal Trekking Pass Pvt. Ltd. Travel was formed to provide a level of service far exceeding what is available today. Its vision, mission, goals and objectives are derived from the beliefs and values of its founders.

Honesty and Integrity

We believe our clients, service providers, and associates deserve honesty in all aspects of our business. The needs of our clients and associates will be kept as a first priority.

Fairness, Eagerness, and Willingness

We always look at what service provider will exceed the client’s travel needs in a fair manner with a genuine desire to serve the clients.

Sincerity and Professionalism

Writing down our vision and mission is not enough. We believe in the meaning of the words and show it by conducting business in the utmost professional manner.

Courtesy and Cheerfulness

We want our organization to be a pleasant place for associates to work. This makes it easier treat the client in a courteous manner, with a friendly smile on our face and in our voice.


We respect our clients and associates for their views, opinions, and valu

Social and Environmental Responsibility

When you wrap your arms around social and environmental responsibility, a new sense of personal integrity follows. Satisfaction and a sense of power come with choices and actions that have a positive effect on your surroundings. We instruct all of our guests in the proven philosophy and guidelines of Leave No Trace techniques. Developed in a coordinated effort between federal land agencies, wilderness educators, outdoor retailers, and equipment manufacturers, Leave No Trace techniques minimize Himalayan Advetnure Trip groups’ impact on the delicate ecosystems through which we travel.

Nepal Trekking Pass

Adventure Travel Company

Nayabazar , Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977 9851135219, 9721333145
Fax: +977 1 9721333145
Mobile: +977 9851135219
Skype: nepaltrekking.pass

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